best gastroenterologist doctor in surat

Gastrointestinal cancer is cancer that arises in the cells of the stomach and is referred to as stomach cancer. It is related to the abnormal cell growth that occurs in the stomach cells. It is also known as gastric cancer and it majorly happens in the stomach but sometimes it gets associated with the food pipe that is the esophagus. Symptoms associated with GI cancer involve difficulty in swallowing, feeling bloated after eating, feeling up with eating a small amount of food, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, unconditional weight loss, frequent vomiting, and many others. If you see major symptoms associated with GI cancer, then it’s better to consult a specialist who can better diagnose and treat the disease at an early stage. GI cancer is curable at an early stage, the chances are more but after the passage of time treatment becomes riskier. Dr. Darshan Patel at sigels clinic is the best doctor for GI cancer in Surat. He has propagated several successful GI cancer surgeries and is the most influential, most reliable, and trusted surgeon having a wide experience in curing GI cancer for more than 25+ years. 

gastrointestinal surgery in Surat
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