Stomach cancer surgery is related to cancer that occurs in the stomach. Stomach cancer is known by several names mainly gastric cancer, which is associated with abnormal cell growth. Stomach cancer sometimes may be associated with the esophagus that carries the food we swallow to the gastro-esophageal junction. The area where cancer occurs is the most influential reason for having stomach cancer. Symptoms associated with stomach cancer involve difficulty in swallowing, feeling bloated after eating, feeling fed up of eating, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, stomach pain, unintentional weight loss, and vomiting. If you suffer from the symptoms associated with stomach problems then do consider a specialist who is the best for treating stomach cancers. Dr. Darshan Patel at sigels is the best stomach cancer surgeon in Surat. He is having wide experience in the field of curing stomach cancer-related problems. He has commenced successful stomach cancer surgeries in Surat and has cured many lives.

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