Gastric obesity is known by several names such as abdominal obesity, central obesity, and truncal obesity. Gastric obesity is a condition in which excessive fat gathers around the abdominal part of the area around the stomach that is associated with many life-threatening diseases. Gastric obesity is strongly linked with cardiovascular diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and other obesity and vascular disease. Excess abdominal fat is responsible for serious consequences related to health. Excessive fat boosts bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides by reducing the levels of good cholesterol. Rising gastric obesity impairs the responsiveness to insulin, raised blood sugar and insulin levels. Gastric obesity leads to major causes related to life such as death and disability, heart attacks, heart strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, and depression. The issue with gastric obesity relies not on how much weight you have but on how much obese you are. If you are suffering from the issue of gastric obesity, then Sigels Clinic is the best hospital for gastric obesity surgery in Surat. We have highly efficient surgeons that offer reliable solutions for a gastric obesity-related cure to patients.

Gastric Obesity Surgery in Surat
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