Laparoscopic surgery involves a small operation that happens in the stomach to diagnose the stage of cancer and to consider the areas it has spread. Sigels Clinic offers the best laparoscopic surgery for stomach cancer in Surat. We use a minimally invasive approach for the early stage of cancer due to the concerns associated with adequate resection in advance cases. Laparoscopic gastrectomy is done for large-stage gastric cancer. In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon puts a thin tube with the camera attached to investigate the areas around your stomach and get the tissues for sample checking. After sample checking, if the results are unclear then laparoscopic surgeries take place. It involves a procedure and a couple of blood testing to consider the risks involved in the surgery and after all, checkups are made, and then the operation takes place. After, laparoscopic surgery takes place; it takes a few days to recover and is sometimes a painful procedure. Dr. Darshan Patel is the best surgeon for laparoscopic surgery for stomach cancer in surat. With his large experience, he has cured many lives till today. He has conducted successful laparoscopic surgeries and he reliably follows the patients till recovery. He is the most prioritized and trusted laparoscopic surgeon for stomach cancer.

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