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The abdominal organs are examined during laparoscopy, also referred to as diagnostic laparoscopy, which is a surgical diagnostic procedure. Small incisions are all that is needed for this low-risk, minimally invasive surgery. The abdominal organs are viewed during laparoscopy using a device called a laparoscope. The front of a laparoscope features high-intensity light and a high-resolution camera. An abdominal wall incision was used to install the device. As the camera moves, it sends photos to a video monitor. With laparoscopy, open surgery is not necessary for your doctor to see inside your body in real-time. During this process, your doctor can also collect biopsy samples.

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The laparoscopy procedure is often used to detect and diagnose pelvic or abdominal pain. Usually, this type of test is used when noninvasive testing is not helpful in diagnosing the problem.

A laparoscopy is performed when test results are insufficient to make an informed diagnosis. A biopsy or sample of tissue may also be taken from a specific organ in the abdomen using this procedure.

By using laparoscopy, the patient experiences minimal pain, recovers faster, and the hospital occupies less space.

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