Appendix Removal Surgery

Appendix Removal Surgery in Rajkot

Dr. Darshan Patel is one of the best gastrointestinal surgeons in Rajkot. We are here to solve your gastrointestinal treatment and liver problems related to medical problems in Rajkot. The appendix is a tubular organ a few centimeters long. It is attached to the beginning of your large intestine or colon. It is the surgical process where the surgeon removes appendix. An appendectomy is a major abdominal surgery that can lead to the complications like Internal Bleeding, Infection of the surgical wound etc. The surgeon makes few incisions near your lower right abdomen. The abdomen is filled with air to let the surgeon see inside appropriately, and then he ties the appendix and cuts it and removes it. Then the incisions are sutured or stapled. At Dr. Darshan Patel, we go beyond the expectation of our patients, by providing proper guidance and advice every step of the way.

Why is appendicitis an emergency?

Appendix removal surgery is very important because it is too small; the appendix swells speedily with tenderness and doesn’t take much time to burst. A burst appendix can spread infectious throughout the abdominal cavity, leading to peritonitis, an inflammation of the abdominal lining. If the infection spreads through the bloodstream, it can lead to sepsis. Peritonitis and sepsis can lead to serious illness and even death. The annex can break within 36 hours of your first appendicitis symptoms, so when looking for treatment, time is essential.

Appendix Removal Surgery
Appendix Removal Surgery Surat
Appendix Removal Surgery

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