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In today’s era, human body is suffering from several diseases one of the prominent disease which is vital among individuals today is pancreatic cancer. It is a severe disease which causes a great threat to life if not cured at time. But as the diseases have gained prominence science is also advanced. Every disease is having a cure. Earlier, it was very difficult to survive when certain disease happened the cure was not available but nowadays every disease has a cure. Let us consider what pancreatic cancer is at first:

Pancreas is the organ which lies behind the lower part of the stomach. It secretes enzyme that aid digestion and hormones that help regulate the metabolism of sugars present in the body. This is the cancer which is detected late, spreads rapidly and has poor recovery time. It has no symptoms in early stages. The symptoms which evolve in the later stages are non specific such as loss of appetite and weight loss. Treatments include the removal of pancreas, radiation and chemotherapy. It begins in the tissues of pancreas, which is located behind the stomach. Pancreas is vital organ of human body which aids digestion and helps the maintenance of sugar levels by producing hormones. Pancreas is prone to cancerous and noncancerous tumors.        The most common cancer which forms in the pancreas begins in the cells that line the ducts that carry digestive enzymes out of the pancreas. It is known as ‘’pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma’’.

Whipple Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer in Surat

The treatment depends upon the type and severity of the cancer. The options of pancreatic cancer treatment involve: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of these.

Let us consider the things which can cause pancreatic cancer:

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer involve:

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