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Best Bariatric and Gastric Obesity Surgery in Rajkot

Bariatric Surgery is an operation on the digestive system to help an obese person lose weight. The surgery restricts calories intake by reducing the size of the stomach. Few types of bariatric surgery restrict the size as well as absorption of nutrients. Despite of the approach, a victorious bariatric surgery results in momentous weight loss. The most common bariatric surgery procedures are gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy adjustable gastric band, and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. Bariatric surgery is nothing but the common term collectively used for many types of weight-loss surgeries. These surgeries make changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight. A bariatric surgery helps an obese person lose weight by reducing the capacity of their digestion and appetite.

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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is known as the latest weight loss operations in the sleeve gastrectomy. In this surgery the outer crescent of the stomach is detached resulting in stomachs that look like a tube. Nearly 75%of the stomach is removed and the remaining sleeve is generally 3-5 ounces in capacity. The patients lose weight for similar reasons to the gastric bypass. The stomach holds less food and patients usually feel less hungry. The operation takes about 75 minutes to perform and the hospital stay is nearly 1-2 days. Besides the gastric bypass, after the sleeve gastrectomy, patients may not absorb enough vitamins from their diet alone even need to take daily vitamin supplements.

Dr. Darshan Patel has performed many successful laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomyBest Bariatric Doctor, Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss, Best GI Cancer Surgeon, Best Doctor for GI Cancer, Best Laparoscopic Surgeon, Top Colon Cancer Surgeons, Colorectal Cancer Surgeon Rajkot, Top Colon Cancer Doctor wherein the stomach is divided along its vertical length in order to create a slender space for food to pass and removing the excess stomach. With an aim to restrictive the amount of food ingested at any given time, without altering the normal absorption of the vitamins and minerals. It also minimizes the chance of developing ulcer.

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Most of the gastric bypass surgery is Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery, which means the surgeons makes small cuts. That makes for shorter recovery time. This bypass is considered the gold standard obesity operation by the majority of the world’s foremost bariatric surgeons. In most of the cases we do not recommend the gastric banding so the choice lies between the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass. Further the patients with Type II diabetes and those with gastric reflux have better results with the gastric bypass. The choice of the operation depends with the patients and it will be discussed with you very thoroughly and in the end we present the facts and make the decision as to which form of surgery suits you best.

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Laparoscopic MGB Mini Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery in Surat

Laparoscopic MGB – Mini Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic MGB – Mini Gastric Bypass is a newer bariatric procedure but has gained popularity very rapidly across India. Minis Gastric Bypass is a short, simple, successful, reversible laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery. This surgery is recently named as Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. This surgery may be lower-risk for some patients. The operation of the gastric bypass usually takes shorter time, with lesser or similar hospital stay as regular bypass. Weight loss outcomes and improvements in co-morbidities is almost the same as any other standard bariatric procedure. This surgery is lower-risk for some patients.

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