Best Gastro Liver Surgeon Specialist in Rajkot

Dr Darshan Patel is the best gastro liver- surgeon specialist in Rajkot. He has the proficiency and experience to treat and prevent gastrointestinal diseases including liver ailments, gallbladder problems, and hernia etc. Here at Clinic, we have world class medical facilities, advanced technology and equipments. Whether it is an enlarged liver, a tumor or any other diseases related to liver – Dr Darshan Patel is the best gastro liver surgeon.  Dr. Darshan Patel considers every such case as personally sole one for his pure view, giving his personal attention and solutions, which he has acquired and merged over the years, to achieve the resulting treatment success for his patients! Ample of truly satisfied patient not only from Gujarat but also from various cities/ states of India and their satisfying feedback has always contributed to our journey to become the best hospital for Gastroenterologists in India.

best liver surgeon in surat
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