Pancreas Surgeon in Rajkot

Pancreatic surgery is also known by the name pancreaticoduodenectomy. It is the most common operation headed in the pancreas. In pancreatic surgery, the surgeon removes the head and body of the pancreas. Sometimes, the side parts such as the part of the small intestine, part of the bile duct, gall bladder, lymph nodes nearby the pancreas, and parts of the stomach are also removed. The remaining parts of the bile duct and pancreas are then attached to the pancreas and the small intestine so that the bile juice and digestive enzymes get into the small intestines to fulfill the requirements of digestion. 

Pancreas surgeon in surat

Pancreatic surgeries are commonly conducted by having a large incision in the downside of the middle belly. Some surgeons conduct the surgery laparoscopically, by making a small incision. Dr. Darshan Patel Clinic is the best hospital for pancreatic surgeries in Rajkot. We have the best pancreas surgeon in rajkot, who works efficiently, reliably and are most trusted for pancreatic surgeries. Our pancreas surgeon is having a wide experience and has conducted several successful surgeries. The services offered at Dr. Darshan Patel clinic are unmatched by other hospitals. We have the best pancreas surgeon in Rajkot that offers assured surgeries for pancreatic problems and pancreatic cancers.

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